Current status of Korean Sports Toto companies

Sports Toto betting is divided into private Toto and legal Toto.스포츠토토

Legal Toto is a sports Toto site that is protected by nationally recognized laws.

Representative examples include Sports Toto (Proto) and Batman Toto.

The opposite of legal Toto is private Toto. In the case of private Toto, we are talking about private sites that are not recognized by the country.

First of all, Batman is a game that takes place in Korea such as

basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball officially issued by Sports Toto in Korea.

In addition to sports games, you can play various sports betting games such as overseas soccer, overseas basketball, and overseas baseball.

The biggest difference is the difference between legal and illegal. The companies officially recognized by the country are Batman Toto and Sports Toto (Proto).

Therefore, all sites except for the above two can be said to be illegal.

However, as the recent corona era passes, many people are signing up for private Toto. Why?

First of all, if you have used Batman Toto and Sports Toto at least once, you can see that the difference in odds is quite large.

Who will choose Batman Toto, which does not have a high dividend rate,

between a legal Toto with a basic betting rate of less than 2 times and a Toto site with a basic dividend rate of more than 2 times?

Other operating time issues and games that are not diverse Of course, there are not only betting games but also powerball and various mini-games.

In private Toto, it is incomparably large and even operates a casino, so there are many cases that go to private sites.

It is recommended to compare private Toto and legal Toto and select them while thinking about various events, dividends, and high profits.